Fine artist and tattooer Sagent Staygold works with a wide variety of techniques that include collage, spray paint and typography. His artistic career started out as a graffiti artist in the 80’s & 90’s leading him to attend the Columbus College of Art and Design and eventually using those skills to become a tattoo artist. 

Staygold is known for his ‘Paradise Army’ series where you can see how he is connecting street art with traditional tattoo art. He explores themes of classic graphic design elements and utopian landscapes. Staygold’s work ranges from small to large scale paintings, murals and tattoos. 

Sagent Staygold has been featured in Scribble Magazine, Shake Japan, While You Were Sleeping Magazine, On The Go Magazine, on exhibit at Sherman Gallery, One One Six Two Art Gallery, and featured in the book Enamelized.

Sagent is currently working at Mid-Pacific Tattoo in Maui, Hawai’i. Contact directly to book an appointment.